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Gente agradecida…

noviembre 12, 2013

Dr. Luis Justo
Comisión Asesora en Investigación Biomédica
En Seres Humanos (CAIBSH)
Ministerio de Salud, Provincia de Neuquén
Av Antártida Argentina 1245, Edif. CAM 3
CP 8300 Neuquén Capital

6 November 2013
Dear Dr. Justo,
The World Medical Association would like to thank you for pointing out some discrepancies in the Spanish translation of the revised version of the Declaration of Helsinki that sets out ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects.
We would like to acknowledge the collaboration of Dr. Ignacio Mastroleo and Prof. Florencia Santi in helping with this task.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Otmar Kloiber
Secretary General
World Medical Association