Evaluación de los registros de ensayos clínicos

La gente del Health Research Group de Public Citizen -que incluye personas tan serias y con antecedentes importantes como Lurie y Wolfe- ha hecho una evaluación de los actuales registros de ensayos clínicos. Parecería que los registros establecidos hasta ahora no son satisfactorios, y no incluyen resultados. Sin embargo es un tema en el que los latinoamericanos deberíamos insistir, apoyando al LATINREC e intentando que se amplíe su registro y se haga obligatorio.
A Policy Study of Clinical Trial Registries and Results Databases de Aneel Damle, Peter Lurie, y Sidney M. Wolfe,
puede verse en http://www.citizen.org/publications/release.cfm?ID=7534


All of the currently available clinical trial registries and results
databases are inadequate. Although the public registries are acceptable
to the ICMJE, none includes results. Most private Web sites include
results databases, but these are voluntary, of variable quality and
inconsistent design. Moreover, they are not consolidated in a single
Web site, forcing potential users to search multiple Web sites to find
information. Cross-listing of trials in several databases generates
further confusion. Although search portals can ameliorate some of these
problems, they cannot improve Web sites that are themselves poor.
Finally, as with any non-public venture, there are significant
questions as to transparency, enforceability and quality assurance. The
only way to force the development of a combined registry/results
database is for the federal government to enact legislation and to
assess significant penalties for non-compliance.



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