El panóptico entra a la escuela: niños para siempre sospechosos…

La noticia en el Daily Mail del 27/9/07 nos informa que los ingleses están incorporando el DNA de los niños (¡¡¡¿arrestados?!!!) por faltas menores a su base de datos de criminales. Una vez incorporados, quedan allí para siempre. Esto se hace sin que sea necesario su consentimiento ni el de sus padres.

“In the past 12 months, the samples of 81,000 children convicted of no crime have been added to the database, which can be checked against any crime scene. It takes the total to 105,000.

Since April 2004, anyone aged ten or above who is arrested in England or Wales can have their DNA and fingerprints taken without their consent, or that of their parents.

The DNA samples are all kept permanently. The computerised DNA profiles are also kept permanently on the DNA database, even if the person arrested is never charged or is acquitted.

The law was not fully implemented in 2004/05 but last year it was introduced across the country. These figures reveal for the first time the astonishing impact of the move.

Around 80,000 innocent children are likely to be added to the database every 12 months, as that is the average number of children arrested for the first time each year but never convicted. Parents can appeal to have their child’s DNA removed but this is at the discretion of chief constables.

Very few samples are removed, with the rest stored for life.

Police say those who have had their DNA taken include two schoolgirls charged with criminal damage after drawing chalk on a pavement and a child in Kent who removed a slice of cucumber from a tuna mayonnaise sandwich and threw it at another youngster.” Sabemos que jugaste a la rayuela… ¡confesá!


Ver esta aberración de una de las “democracias” de avanzada en:





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