Los profesionales de la salud y la tortura (II)

Sobre el tema, un excelente aporte del chileno Miguel Kottow.

SHOULD MEDICAL ETHICS JUSTIFY VIOLENCE? Journal of Medical Ethics 2006;32:464-467

Emergency and warlike situations often force medical personnel to perform duties pertaining to their field of expertise in flagrant violation of their professional code of ethics. Opposing such orders may be contextually impossible, or elicit unduly high personal costs. Medical ethics, while lamenting these impositions, is often reduced to passive and silent disagreement. In recent years, however, biomedical ethics has become active in accepting and supporting these estrangements from accepted standards and values of health care professions, coming up with justifications of torture, suggesting non treatment of the wounded depending on their combatant status, prompting collaboration in the development of biological weapons, and disregarding informed consent.
The belief that medicine has an internal morality that understands its main goal as benefiting patients, is violated when extraneous forces recruit health-care professionals for non-therapeutic tasks which may even be harmful. Medical ethics ought to adamantly reject contingent arguments presented to instrumentalize the health-care professions.

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