Más opiniones desde la India

Parece que esto de los problemas comunes Sur-Sur tiene su importancia. CM Gulhati editorializa en el Indian Journal of Medical Ethics sobre el control de la investigación, y hace una oportuna reflexión: “It is often argued that India should not be left behind in what is grandiosely described as ‘cutting-edge technology’ of drug development. If at all India is to become a big player, it will have to actually discover or synthesise new drugs. Testing them in humans hardly involves any advanced technology. There are preset procedures that can be found in any good book on human trials. No wonder American companies have found doctors in Viet Nam as competent as those in India in this field. Unless laws are honestly implemented by regulatory authorities, the current unsupervised, unethical and often illegal clinical trials will pave the way for similar trials in gene therapy that will leave many Indians diseased, deformed and even dead. The way things are at present, the regulators officially designated as public servants are in imminent danger of becoming servants of the industry.” 

Ver: Needed: closer scrutiny of clinical trials, C M Gulhati. http://www.ijme.in/121ed004.html

El link al IJME está en la lista de sitios útiles. La revista es muy interesante para nosotros, y lo que está ocurriendo en la India también.




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