Para reflexionar antes de reanudar Doha

Medecins Sans Frontiers



Pharmaceutical company Novartis is taking the Indian government to court. If the company wins, millions of people across the globe could have their sources of affordable medicines dry up.

Novartis was one of the 39 companies that took the South African government to court five years ago, in an effort to overturn the country’s medicines act that was designed to bring drug prices down. Now Novartis is up to it again and is targeting India.

India produces affordable medicines that are vital to many people living in developing countries. Over half the medicines currently used for AIDS treatment in developing countries come from India and such medicines are used to treat over 80% of the 80,000 AIDS patients in Médecins Sans Frontières projects.

If Novartis is successful in its challenge against the Indian government and its patent law, more medicines are likely to be patented in India, making it very difficult for generic producers to make affordable versions of them. This could affect millions of people around the world who depend on medicines produced in India.

Tell Novartis it has no business standing in the way of people’s right to access the medicines they need. Sign on and urge Novartis to DROP THE CASE against the Indian government.


Millions of people around the world today rely on affordable medicines produced in India.  India’s law contains elements that help put people before patents, but Novartis is taking the Indian government to court to force a change in the law. Neither Novartis, nor any company, should stand in the way of people’s right to access the medicines they need. 
We urge Novartis to DROP THE CASE now against the Indian government.
People before Patents: The lives of millions are at stake!

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