Three COINS in… my pocket

Researchers and officials charged with the ethical oversight of research are often reluctant to fully disclose financial interests to potential clinical research participants, according to the latest  Conflict-of-Interest Notification Study (COINS), just published in the Fall 2006 issue of the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. Instead, those interviewed suggest a better approach for such disclosures would be to offer potential research participants a range of dollars or even use adjectives such as a “substantial investment” to describe the extent of a researcher’s financial interest.  

The study, a survey of attitudes, beliefs and practices among members of institutional review boards, conflict-of-interest committees and researchers, reveals a key reason for the reluctance among researchers to share the full dollar amount: the belief that because potential research subjects may lack the sophistication to put conflicts of interest in context, they may  overestimate the influence of money on the researcher’s behavior and possibly refuse to participate. Ver

La vieja canción de Cahn y Styne (1954) decía en su última estrofa

Three coins in the fountain
Through the ripples how they shine
(Just one wish will be granted)
(One heart will wear a valentine)
Make it mine!
Make it mine!
Make it mine!

La pregunta obligada es ¿será porque los preocupa la investigación, o porque si los potenciales participantes “lack sophistication” y no firman es un ingreso menos en su bolsillo? Parece que lo único que va quedando es el ¡make it mine!




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