¡Cuidado! Los antipsicóticos "atípicos" no son mejores

Vera Sharav alerta, en la muy recomendable página de la AHRP (Alliance for Human Research Protection), sobre una advertencia de la FDA a Janssen.

“FDA’s letter of approval to Janssen, signed by Dr. Robert Temple, deputy director of the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER) underscores the drug’s failure to demonstrate either superior safety or effectiveness:
“We would consider any advertisement or promotion labeling for Risperdal false, misleading.under section 502(a) and 502 (n) of the ACT if there is presentation of data that conveys the impression that Risperdal is superior to haloperidol or any marketed antipsychotic drug product with regard to safety or effectiveness.”
Safety, however, appears not have been a concern for the FDA. Absent any evidence of efficacy, how could FDA officials disregard the documented signals of severe adverse effects that were present in the data submitted to the FDA from company controlled premarketing trials? In his book, Mad in America, Robert Whitaker, warned that those early signals of toxicity represent major health hazards. Those hazards cannot be justified in the absence of a demonstrable clinical benefit.

Si no son más efectivas que los “viejos” antipsicóticos, y tienen más efectos tóxicos ¿para que vendérselas a la gente? ¿Por que se autoriza su uso? Sería razonable preguntarse ¿cuando venció la patente del haloperidol?

Ver en la página de la AHRP:  http://www.ahrp.org/cms/content/view/360/28/  “Science Refutes Claims of Drug Benefit: Antipsychotics Found Harmful”

Y en la página del NEJM:  http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/355/15/15…Effectiveness of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease”




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